I’m Ready for the New Me

Throughout my life, I’ve received so much support, love, and affirmation that it makes me wonder why I’m not ALWAYS a grateful person, one who generously dispenses mercy and grace. Sometimes, it helps to be still and know that God has blessed me beyond measure not only with His gift of salvation, but with wonderful […]

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Life and Death


For the first three decades of my life, I was well aware of the fact that I’d lived a very charmed life–I hadn’t suffered at all, though I didn’t come from a family of any wealth, I was very blessed and happy with the simplicity of life. Beautiful music would always become the proverbial soundtrack to my life, at least in my fantasies of the life that I had yet to experience…

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Well, it’s the day after a really great book launch and life seems to have returned to normal. Before diving into the completion of the next book, I took some time off from writing to work with my son on the new hobby he’s roped me into. I actually love that he is into this, because I can live out my childhood dreams vicariously through him.

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