Life and Death


For the first three decades of my life, I was well aware of the fact that I’d lived a very charmed life–I hadn’t suffered at all, though I didn’t come from a family of any wealth, I was very blessed and happy with the simplicity of life. Beautiful music would always become the proverbial soundtrack to my life, at least in my fantasies of the life that I had yet to experience…

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YESTERYEAR with Joshua Graham

This photo makes me contemplative… It’s hard to believe that this picture was taken twelve years ago, when I was still giving concerts as a cellist. The fact is, I used to play professionally as a soloist, recitalist, chamber, and orchestral musician. I’ve been blessed to have performed in Carnegie Hall, Avery Fischer and Alice […]

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Hakuna Matata, Dude!

Tossing and turning at night, troubled by that one issue that you have no way of knowing, no way to control, and no absolute certainty of the outcome?

Through the years, I’ve had plenty of things to worry about. There were months of unemployment, wondering if we’d be able to pay the rent, keep the lights on, life -threatening family health issues, sudden deaths of friends and loved ones, etc. Lean times, scary times with which I’m sure many can relate. It was stressing the heck out of me and I could easily lose sleep over it. After all, what else could I do but my best?

Then I realized, I had a choice.

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Life is but a dream…

I’ve been asked to talk about some of the themes in my novels TERMINUS and BEYOND JUSTICE. One of the most important of all ideas in these books is that of eternity, something to which I’d never given much thought until my mother passed away in 2003. Shortly after her passing, while mourning her, I was given a divine glimpse of what our earthly lives are like when held up to the perspective of eternity…

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