New Release! GREATER THINGS (a novella)

Sometimes, just one word can trigger the inspiration for an entire story. That is what happened with my new novella (released today) called GREATER THINGS. At my church, we have some amazing prayer meetings, and one of the pastors (Lindsay) who leads them is a truly inspired leader. In the course of that meeting, when we […]

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I’m really excited to announce the Pre-Release of GREATER THINGS, a novella. When Maggie befriends a mysterious young man that comes to her hometown at St. George’s River, she discovers that he has extraordinary abilities. But people fear what they don’t understand, and small towns are not immune to the darkest aspects of the human […]

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YESTERYEAR with Joshua Graham

This photo makes me contemplative… It’s hard to believe that this picture was taken twelve years ago, when I was still giving concerts as a cellist. The fact is, I used to play professionally as a soloist, recitalist, chamber, and orchestral musician. I’ve been blessed to have performed in Carnegie Hall, Avery Fischer and Alice […]

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My First Real Plight…I mean, Flight!

After my initial flights of my Hobby Zone Champ RC airplane, which resulted in a few minor crashes and broken wings, I was grateful to 6 minute Epoxy–which smells pretty awful–but made the wing stronger in the repaired crack than the rest of it. It looked fairly decent after its repair, but the question continued to loom: Will it fly?

Fast forward a few days for the answer…

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