My First Real Plight…I mean, Flight!

After my initial flights of my Hobby Zone Champ RC airplane, which resulted in a few minor crashes and broken wings, I was grateful to 6 minute Epoxy–which smells pretty awful–but made the wing stronger in the repaired crack than the rest of it. It looked fairly decent after its repair, but the question continued to loom: Will it fly?

Fast forward a few days for the answer…

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DARKROOM by Joshua Graham Hits 3 bestseller lists on Opening Day.

As writer, you always hope and pray that your new book will be well-received. Sometimes by the early reader reactions and reviews you get an idea, but opening day can still be as spine-tingling as it is fun. One of the things I look to (for better or for worse) is how my new book is doing in the rankings at various outlets. Thankfully, Amazon.com provides fairly timely statistics in the area of book sales.

I’m pleased to report that DARKROOM hit not one, not two, but three bestseller lists last night.

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