My First Real Plight…I mean, Flight!

After my initial flights of my Hobby Zone Champ RC airplane, which resulted in a few minor crashes and broken wings, I was grateful to 6 minute Epoxy–which smells pretty awful–but made the wing stronger in the repaired crack than the rest of it. It looked fairly decent after its repair, but the question continued to loom: Will it fly?

Fast forward a few days for the answer…

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When I was a kid (some time before the Civil War 😉 ) life wasn’t quite as convenient as it is today. This was before email, personal computers, microwave ovens, etc. While I didn’t grow up in poverty, my family was not by any stretch of the imagination wealthy. I got lots of hand-me-downs, didn’t have the latest toys, clothing, etc., and if anything I had broke, guess what? We didn’t just throw it away and replace it. We mended it.

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Well, it’s the day after a really great book launch and life seems to have returned to normal. Before diving into the completion of the next book, I took some time off from writing to work with my son on the new hobby he’s roped me into. I actually love that he is into this, because I can live out my childhood dreams vicariously through him.

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