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In 1944, Adolf Hitler dispatched a pair of Horten H.XVIIIs to drop atomic bombs on Manhattan and Chicago. The unconditional surrender of the majority of the United States of America followed, bringing the Second World War to an abrupt end.

Seventy years after the end of World War II (2015), in which the Hitler-led Axis powers took control of most of the planet, the German Empire has essentially erased the very memory of the United States of America from history.
Raised as a child of the Aryan States of America, a Utopian society built upon Nazi ideals, Grace Drexler—daughter of Hans Drexler, the American Führer—lives a privileged life as a model citizen and member of the Nazi party.

But when a shocking discovery shatters her very grasp of reality, she unravels a truth that has been hidden not only from her, but several generations of Aryan-Americans as well—a dangerous truth that could bring about a revolution and the collapse of government and society.

Now an inadvertent threat, Grace must flee her home and life as she knows it not only to stay alive, but to learn the truth about herself, and realize her destiny to change the world.
The Führer’s Daughter is a suspenseful alternate history thriller. With an epic sweep of Biblical proportion, it resounds with the timeless human struggles for freedom, and triumph over evil.


THE FÜHRER’S DAUGHTER is a novel told in five parts or “episodes”, averaging about 80-100 pages long. There are two ways you can immerse yourself in the experience:

Read the novel in episodes, one at a time in sequence as each releases, like a weekly television show, starting with this ebook—Episode 1.  (To get insider information about episode release dates and other members only perks, including a monthly $100 gift card giveaway, be sure to sign up for my free newsletter.)


Read the entire novel as a complete book which includes all five episodes of THE FÜHRER’S DAUGHTER, kind of like adding an entire season of 24 or  to your Netflix or Amazon Prime Video queue.

As modern people we’re all impatient, but we also love fast paced thrills. That’s why I wanted to share the unfolding experience of this novel with you in a way I know you’ll enjoy.

However you choose to read this novel, I pledge to draw you into a unique adventure in a world where all is not as it appears.