Joshua Graham Interviews Steve Berry, New York Times Bestselling Author

LIVE INTERVIEW WITH STEVE BERRY You might already know that I host a radio show called Thriller Radio. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the air live, but this Thursday, May 7th, I’ll be interviewing  NY Times bestselling author Steve Berry! We’ll be discussing his book THE PATRIOT THREAT, and other fascinating topics! […]

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Before I get swept away with all the food, family, and feasting this Thanksgiving, I just wanted to stop by to express my gratitude on this day. Anyone who knows me understands that I’ve been through some difficult times (though nothing compared to what some have gone through) what with the loss of […]

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The End of an Era and the Beginning of a New One

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll know that for the past three years I’ve been a host on an a wonderful internet radio program called DIALOGUE: Between the Lines. Today was my final episode with Susan Wingate as I am moving onto a whole new venue as the host of THRILLER RADIO, which airs on Wednesday Mornings at 9:30AM PST.

On this final episode, around the 30 minute mark, Susan surprised me by inviting some friends and colleagues to a mini-roast, a touching tribute. I had no idea! What a treat to hear from Jill Urbach, Michael Angel, and Steve Berry!

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Thrillerfest 2013

Being a writer, you can get stuck in your own little world and lose perspective. As I’ve said many times, it can be a lonely business.

But as soon as I arrived, I knew things were going to be great.

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Thrillerfest Recap

Thrillerfest 2012 will remain in my memory one of the best experiences I’ve had, not only in terms of the people I met, such as Sandra Brown, Lee Child, David Morrell, Steve Berry, Douglas Preston, Catherine Coulter, Ted Dekker, and countless others, but because of the camaraderie we all shared as aviaries of a like plume. Of course, there were the fan boy moments where I found myself in awe of meeting several #1 NY Times bestselling authors who agreed to interviews on my internet radio show DIAGLOGUE: Between the Lines, but some of best memories were spending time with facebook friends whom I met for the first time in person, such as Aaron Patterson, Jeff Ayers, Alan Jacobson, and an whole entourage of their friends as well.

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