I’m Ready for the New Me

Throughout my life, I’ve received so much support, love, and affirmation that it makes me wonder why I’m not ALWAYS a grateful person, one who generously dispenses mercy and grace. Sometimes, it helps to be still and know that God has blessed me beyond measure not only with His gift of salvation, but with wonderful […]

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Before I get swept away with all the food, family, and feasting this Thanksgiving, I just wanted to stop by to express my gratitude on this day. Anyone who knows me understands that I’ve been through some difficult times (though nothing compared to what some have gone through) what with the loss of […]

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The Power of Words

One of the life-defining compliments came to me in junior high school, when I participated in the weight-lifting club afterschool. At less than 100 lbs and less than 5 feet tall (I was a late bloomer,) I was one of the smallest kids there. But I what I lacked in physical stature, I made of for in determination. One day, I was trying to bench close to 100 lbs…

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