Phones for Elementary School Kids?

I came upon a post on Facebook by a friend of mine (Aaron Patterson) and decided to chime in here.  He posted the following question: Post by Aaron Patterson. Here are my thoughts: Nine year olds don’t need one unless they will be somewhere where you might need to contact them/or them you, in case of an […]

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Clean Your ROOM! (A Parent’s Cry for Help)

So, a good friend of mine who is a bestselling author, brilliant entrepreneur, and publishing/marketing genius named Aaron Patterson posted the following today on facebook:

I know asking advice on Facebook is asking for trouble but I am not sure what to do so maybe some of you have something to say that I can use. My problem is with my 7 year old daughter. She is a slob and almost a hoarder. She keeps everything and packs it away in her room…

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Outsourcing Relationships?

Are you guilty of outsourcing your relationship with your kids?

I’m not judging, don’t worry. I’ll admit, there are times I’m grateful for the iPhone, the television or video games that I let my kids play with, when I’m extremely involved or busy working on a deadline. But have you noticed a new phenomenon happening during family dinners in restaurants? Something that never happened some ten or fifteen years ago?

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