Outsourcing Relationships?

Are you guilty of outsourcing your relationship with your kids?

I’m not judging, don’t worry. I’ll admit, there are times I’m grateful for the iPhone, the television or video games that I let my kids play with, when I’m extremely involved or busy working on a deadline. But have you noticed a new phenomenon happening during family dinners in restaurants? Something that never happened some ten or fifteen years ago?

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Four Things My Dog Taught Me about Healthy Relationships

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”
Have you ever heard that phrase before? We laugh sometimes at how naïve, and utterly devoted our quadruped friends can be while at the same, we time nod in unspoken acknowledgement when we see characters like Dug in the movie “UP.” Dug is best known for his line: “I have just met you, and I love you.”

My dog is probably like most in the same way, but upon careful observation of his interation with me and my family, I learned a few things from him that made me wonder—What if people could be like this to each other?

Here are the four things I learned:

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