Another Goodbye to a Fur Baby Friend

We knew he was going to leave us, we just didn’t know exactly when. Our little furry friend, my son’s winter white hamster had been losing weight since July last year, and after returning from our vacation last week, he was having trouble breathing. I took him to the vet, who said that he had […]

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Sneaky Pets

As a writer who spends a great deal of time in my home office, I often don’t realize what my office mate is doing. That’s primarily because he’s usually snoozing while I’m attacking the keyboard with the latest manuscript, etc.

But every now and then, he will sneak by and do something completely unexpected, then return back to his “dormant” state. One of those things is to steal a snack from the table while I’m not watching.

“Who, Kangadog?” You might say, “Nawww!”

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