Sneaky Pets

As a writer who spends a great deal of time in my home office, I often don’t realize what my office mate is doing. That’s primarily because he’s usually snoozing while I’m attacking the keyboard with the latest manuscript, etc.

But every now and then, he will sneak by and do something completely unexpected, then return back to his “dormant” state. One of those things is to steal a snack from the table while I’m not watching.

“Who, Kangadog?” You might say, “Nawww!”


In fact, he’s done this with a dozen chocolate chip cookies, an entire loaf of bread which he liberated from its plastic bag, a whole pack of Ramen, and Heaven only knows what else–when no one is watching.

Anyway…today, I turned around and noticed that my cellphone was sitting about five inches further from me than where I last placed it.

I glanced behind my chair and there he was, snoozing as usual.




Picking my phone up, I noticed  a wet nose print resting on its screen. As soon as I got past the lock screen, I noticed that my Instagram app was open.

And what did I find there? (See below):




Sneaky dog!

What kind of things do your pets do behind your back? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below:

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