DARKROOM by Joshua Graham Breaks Out on Opening Night

Yesterday had to have been one of the most exciting days of my life, ranking up there with my wedding, the birth of my children and selling my first book to Howard Books/Simon & Schuster. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous about how things would go on the first day of DARKROOM’s release, but even before I could start worrying, tons of reviews, blog posts, interviews, and other such things related to DARKROOM started to flood the internet.

Here’s a recap of some of yesterday’s highlights…

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DARKROOM by Joshua Graham Hits 3 bestseller lists on Opening Day.

As writer, you always hope and pray that your new book will be well-received. Sometimes by the early reader reactions and reviews you get an idea, but opening day can still be as spine-tingling as it is fun. One of the things I look to (for better or for worse) is how my new book is doing in the rankings at various outlets. Thankfully, Amazon.com provides fairly timely statistics in the area of book sales.

I’m pleased to report that DARKROOM hit not one, not two, but three bestseller lists last night.

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DARKROOM Launches Today!

Well, today is the day I’ve been waiting for for all my life as a writer. This is the day my first book published by a major house (DARKROOM, Howard Books/Simon & Schuster) was released.

There’s been a lot of excitement over the release on facebook and twitter, with numerous positive reviews from bloggers, review sites, and even major news outlets.

It’s been hard to keep up with everything, but I wanted to make sure I lived this day according to my faith. So I started with waking up early to go to a 6AM prayer meeting at my church in which many businesspeople gathered to encourage and pray for one another. I love praying for people because…

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