Remember when you were a child, and you believed you could fly if you just ran hard enough and leapt? I’m not proposing you do anything like that might possibly cause bodily harm, but I am asking you to consider what it was that allowed you to take that flying leap off that porch, or deck? Was it ignorance? Maybe just a little. Was it foolishness? Again, maybe a bit. But I submit to you that it was something else. Something that as you watched reality, grownups and negative people snuff out your dreams (some rightfully so), died within you. Something that seemed a lot more fun than the harsh “reality” of life.

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Yesteryear: When I Wore a Different Hat

Some of you already know from my bio that prior to my work as an IT Professional, which preceded my career as a writer, I was a professional musician. That’s right. I was a cellist who graduated from Juilliard with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University. I’ve performed on the stages of Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Cairo Royal Opera House, and concert halls in Israel, South Africa, Jordan and Israel

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Author Promotion: The Holy Grail, by Guest Blogger Allan Leverone

 Amazon Bestselling author Allan Leverone’s book THE LONELY MILE has just hit the top 5 on 2 Amazon bestseller lists.  He’s here to blog today about author promotion. *  *  * Author Promotion: The Holy Grail by Allan Leverone I’m like every other author out there. I want you to read my book, and when […]

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Joshua Graham Radio Interview

I had a great time talking with Laura Lester Fournier on her radio show “Spiritually Speaking.”

While I’m not what I’d call a “religious” person, I am a person of deep faith. On this show, I speak not only about my books and writing, but candidly about my faith which, while something integral to my being, is not something I push upon people. Rather, I try to live it out and share with those who may be interested.

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