BEYOND JUSTICE hits #1 Bestseller on Amazon in Legal Thrillers

…for almost 14 solid months, BEYOND JUSTICE has remained on two Amazon Top 100 bestseller categories (legal thrillers) and recently hovered around the top 5 all the way up to #2 in legal thrillers. For a long time a title by Michael Connelly (The Lincoln Lawyer) dominated that #1 spot–months after the theatrical release of the same title starring Matthew McConaughey.

Well, today after several close encounters with the #2 spot in Amazon.com’s bestselling legal thrillers, BEYOND JUSTICE hit #1 bestseller!

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Envision a BEYOND JUSTICE movie (Part 2) (Dave Pendelton)

So who might make a good actor choice for Dave Pendelton (Pastor Dave) in a movie adaptation of BEYOND JUSTICE? My thoughts were about contrast: If Sam Hudson were played by Josh Holloway, or Matthew McConaughey, then perhaps Dave Pendelton could be played by Denzel Washington.  I don’t know how many supporting roles Denzel has […]

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Envision a BEYOND JUSTICE movie! Part 1 (Sam Hudson)

So many fans and friends tell me that BEYOND JUSTICE must be made into a movie. To that, I say: I AGREE! Just need to find the right producer/director, etc., who share the same vision for the book and story. Along with the exhortations to get my book turned into a movie comes the many […]

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