Free Friday Ebook! THE ACCIDENTAL HEALER (a Barnes & Noble Bestseller!)

Happy Friday, everyone!   Someone once said “You’ll never know what you’re made of until you’re staring death in the face.” How often are we misunderstood or misjudged by others, or even by ourselves, because we base our self-perception on the surface–our behavior, our words, our emotional reactions?   Robert McKee, credited with 18 Academy Awards, […]

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Why Beyond Justice Should be Made into a Major Motion Picture (Guest Blogger Scott Lowell)

…there is an empty niche out there. That is: hard hitting Christian drama/thrillers/mysteries that don’t involve exorcism or Church scandal. Right now we have the two extremes. The sappy, toothless lifetime snore fests that desiccate the reality and ameliorate the impact so as to make them too saccharine and not realistic or acceptable to mainstream viewers. ~Scott Lowell

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