Darkroom for Barnes & Noble Nook now available for Pre-Order!

There are more than one reason I love ebooks.  E-Ink, which can be read in bright sunlight and actually look better in that environment is just one of them.  Kindle, Nook, Kobo, SONY Reader?  Regardless of which brand you go for, the ability to carry your entire library in your pocket is, in my opinion, fantastic.

Another personal reason I love the ebook platform is that it was there my writing career was launched.  Back in October 2010, BEYOND JUSTICE was released on Barnes & Noble’s flagship ebook reader NOOK.  It had been released on Kindle and paperback a few months prior, but it was the nookbook release of BEYOND JUSTICE that truly propelled my book and career onto the literary map.

Within a month of its Barnes & Noble Nookbook launch, BEYOND JUSTICE hit #1 bestseller in several categories (Legal Thriller, Christian Thriller, Christian Fiction.)  This was undoubtedly because of the enthusiastic fans who kept telling their friends about my book, and to them–with many of whom I have become facebook friends) I owe my profound appreciation.

Many of you have asked me since the second day of BEYOND JUSTICE’S debut when my next novel will be released.  DARKROOM will be available in nookbook and trade paperback on May 1, 2012!  Thank you for your patience, especially Nooksters, because the pre-order page came out for Kindle first.  But because you all went and clicked “Request the Publisher to make available for Nook” (or something like that) on the BN sales page, it has finally happened!

You can now pre-order your nookbook edition of DARKROOM here

And while your there on the page (whether you pre-order now or later) please click the facebook “Like” button and the Google +1 button.  Every bit helps let the world know about this book.

As I always say, Thank you for making my books bestsellers!

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