Fun Mail (Entertaining Fan Mail)

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So I’ve been getting some pretty cool feedback from my readers.  Some of them are pretty entertaining.

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(These are actual messages I received!)

“I missed a night’s sleep and went to work cranky and tired. BUT, it was well worth it. Keep them coming please.”
~S. Gee

“My husband bought [Beyond Justice] in the mail after work, got your book from Amazon…he’s been reading it all night and can’t put it down. He says it’s so exciting….I don’t think it’ll be long before I get my turn.
(next morning) he’s still reading it…if he’s late to work, he’s gonna tell his boss it’s Joshua Graham’s fault”
~Mei T.

“Hey man, finished your book last week and I found it very well written. Loved how you incorporate short chapters so that you don’t get stuck on one aspect of the story like that hack Stephan King who just goes on and on about every little detail that has nothing to do with the actual story. Looking forward to reading the next one! Keep writing! You’re Great!”
~Daniel M.

“I am about 1/4 through already.  Darn thing would not let me put it down last night so I got too little sleep.:) They were just going to introduce the DNA evidence and I had to to force myself to go to sleep. 🙁 “
~Phil S.

“thanks…I loved it and the first couple of chapters of Beyond Justice have hooked me..now I have to go purchase it 😛  You have the privilege of being my first kindle ebook purchase :)”
~Barbara F.

“…I can’t wait for Graham to write a sequel (and hopefully use the same cover model 😉 )
~Kris M.

“I was just coming here to say that I am like just over 200 pages in Beyond Justice!! Can I say WOW WOW WOW enough?… Fabulously written book so far!! Now I have to go back to ignoring my children in order to read!”
“Oh Joshua, that was the worse book ever!!! lol It took me like 36 hours to read your book and I balwed like a baby! yep the last 2 pages I had such a hard time reading through tears!!
~Kaytee S.

“I’m not getting much done today – too busy trying to finish your book.  Less than 100 pages left and I don’t want to put it down.  Unfortunately, laundry still has to get done, dinner cooked, etc.  I’ll definitely finish it tonight.  When is your next one coming out?”
~Linda Q.

“I cried enough that I now have a wicked case of the hiccups. Thanks a lot! ;)”
~Kim L.


“I was so into this book that I think I starved my children until I finished. :)”
~Amber D.



“It was so good. Its message was powerful.  Yes, I snot cried.”
~Amy S.

“A riveting legal thriller… breaking new ground with a vengeance… demonically entertaining and surprisingly inspiring.”

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