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9780984452668It’s been a couple of years in the making, but the next Xandra Carrick novel (Latent Image) is finally out!

A couple of interesting tidbits about this book.

Xandra Carrick (the protagonist) first appeared my Simon & Schuster thriller DARKROOM. She’s an award winning photojournalist who had worked for the New York Times and garnered international accolades for her piece on Female Suicide Bombers in Iraq (post Saddam era). She discovered that she possesses the remarkable ability of Second Sight, which in her case means that through her photography she is able to discern hidden knowledge and secrets of things past, present and future. This “gift”, however uncovers deadly secrets and plots which only she can help solve.

As you can imagine, this puts Xandra in the crosshairs of powerful forces to which she is now a threat.Xandra Carrick

In previous titles (Darkroom, Flight 12), Xandra struggles to come to terms with her extraordinary abilities and the consequence into which they lead her. Now, in Latent Image, Xandra has been recruited to work “officially” as the Chief White House Photographer (The President’s Photographer) and as a Assistant Clandestine Operative for the Secret Service. In light of all the loss she’s suffered as a result of her Precognitive abilities,  she accepts this new assignment with mixed feelings.

Of course, now she will face peril at a level far greater than ever before. Will she be able to handle it, or will she buckle under the weight of murderous schemes targeting the nation at the highest level?

Download your ebook today to find out!

Kindle: http://goo.gl/nfRNUP | iBookshttps://goo.gl/aSyVBG | Nook: http://goo.gl/mJpfcD | Kobo: https://goo.gl/KcEM4M

By the way, for those who have read previous books, what do you like most about Xandra, what are some of your favorite moments with her? Please discuss in the comments below this post.


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