Envision a BEYOND JUSTICE movie! Part 1 (Sam Hudson)

So many fans and friends tell me that BEYOND JUSTICE must be made into a movie. To that, I say: I AGREE! Just need to find the right producer/director, etc., who share the same vision for the book and story.

Along with the exhortations to get my book turned into a movie comes the many recommendations for the cast. It’s been very interesting to see what people are thinking for potential actors.

Josh Holloway as Sam Hudson?

Josh Holloway as Sam Hudson?

Here’s one thread on facebook that talks about ideas for the lead role of Sam Hudson:

Matthew McCounaughey

Other suggestions have included Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Dempsey, Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, and even older actors like George Clooney, Scott Bakula.

It’s sure a lot of fun to imagine, based on what you know from the book and what your mind assigns to an actor.

I’ll reserve my own opinion for now on this blog and encourage you to leave your comments and get a discussion going.

There will be more blog entries like this discussing other characters and who might possibly play them in a BEYOND JUSTICE movie.  🙂

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  • Chris Mele

    I think Matthew McConaughey, or Patrick Dempsey, would be best though I am still hoping for William Peterson from CSI lool Sorry Josh I just like him better lol I am sure whoever they choose will be an awesome choice though

  • Janice McLaughlin

    I think Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead would be a great Sam. Fits the age range, fits the brooding part but also fits the hero role.


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