STRATAGEM Chapter 20

“WE’VE GOT TO GO,” Derek said to Paige. As soon as Mom’s friend drove away, he went back to the living room.
“It’s all right, Derek,” Mom said, “That was just—”
“Is Dad’s car still in the garage?”
“It’s not registered. Derek, what’s going on?”
“There’s something about your friend Maggie. Something in her eyes I think I saw back in New York with all the bizarre events. Can’t explain right now, please just trust me. Is there room to park the Ford I drove here in the third garage space?”
“Ok, can you open it so I can park it inside?”
“I’m pretty sure all the toll both cameras and facial recognition software will have connected me to that car. We have to keep it out of sight.”
“Paige,” Mom said, already heading for the garage, “You stay here with Hulk. I’ll be right back, okay?”
She nodded and sat on the couch.
“Hurry,” Derek said as he and Mom both went their respective ways. He stepped outside and looked around to make sure no one was watching. The garage door went up just as he got into the Fusion and powered it up.

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Vanderberg Air Force Base

ONE BY ONE, the EMTs rolled the members of the Athena crew into the medical facility. Connor Walken stood in the waiting area as they passed by, each with paramedics and doctors performing chest compressions and bag-mask CPR. For the brief moments when he saw them, however, he could tell. They were completely unresponsive. Who knew how long they’d been this way, how long had Sabine?
He must keep his composure, though. Anything else would appear unprofessional and could expose his feelings for her. He’d admired her from the day she started working with ICOMM. They’d enjoyed a certain rapport both at work and outside. Of course, he knew better than to presume that her kindness toward him was in any way unique. She was kind to everyone. But it didn’t necessarily mean she didn’t have feelings for him too.
He made a mental note of which room the medical team brought her into. But for some reason, they’d all been taken to the same room.
Come on, Sabine. You have to pull through.

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Joshua Graham’s Next Thriller Announced!

If you’re a subscriber to my free newsletter, you’ve already been informed of this. But for the rest of the world, here it is: I’m pleased to announce my upcoming novel LATENT IMAGE. If you read DARKROOM and are a fan of the protagonist Xandra Carrick, you’ll be glad to know that the next full novel will […]

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COVER REVEAL for my next release (and how to get it free!)

I’m pleased to announce a project unlike I’ve ever done before. Together with bestselling thriller writer Jack Patterson, I’ve embarked on a new history-bending series which will rock your speculative imagination. THE FÜHRER’S DAUGHTER is an alternate history series of ebooks presented very much like a television series. I’ll explain about how this works later, but first let me tell you about the story, straight from the back cover:

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