Publishers Marketplace Announcement for DARKROOM

Though the contract has been executed already and the deal sealed, somehow it doesn’t feel completely official until you see the deal listed in Publishers Marketplace.  So today, when the deal was announced, I did a little dance, and thanked God for His grace and provision. Looking forward to the official release date!  I’ll keep […]

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Hope, and the “Dear Jane” letter…

The fact is that most writers face many rejections before they make a sale to a publisher.  It’s par for the course, and if you’re a writer who can’t handle rejection, or take it to heart as a personal evaluation (or devaluation) of your worth, you’d do best to do like they did in Monty […]

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BEYOND JUSTICE, finalist in the San Diego Book Awards!

  I just learned that BEYOND JUSTICE has been listed as a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards!  I’ll be attending the award ceremony next month. Good wishes and prayers would be most appreciated.  It would be nice to win a prize for my book! Thank you all for your support, I hope to […]

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Let’s face it. It’s been said, The meek shall inherit the Earth… But the same person (Jesus) who said that also said, Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.   To accomplish anything beyond the ordinary it takes a lot of […]

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