DEADLY DOZEN hits USA Today Bestseller List

USATodayBestsellerCapriPenn-300x252Since its release two weeks ago, Deadly Dozen has hit the bestseller charts on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo and this
week, it hit the USA Today Bestseller List!

Here’s the full press release:

As many of you already know, my book TERMINUS is just one of the 12 books included in the collection.

Barnes & Noble interviewed members of The Twelve this week here. Check it out and see what we had to say about working together.

I’ve had a wonderful time working with the other 11 members of our group. They’re seriously talented, market savvy, and loads of fun to interact with. Writing can be a lonely career, but with colleagues like these, there’s never a dull moment. Seriously, try to sleep while the instant message alert goes off nearly 24 hours a day because our members live all over the globe! (Okay, I’ve since muted the alerts during my sleep hours.)

It’s been an amazing ride watching DEADLY DOZEN climb the charts, and for me personally, hitting the USA Today bestseller list is a major milestone. I’ve already done so on other social media outlets but it certainly bears repeating:

THANK YOU, dear friends, for all your support in helping The Twelve reach this point. We (I) couldn’t have done it without you!

Would you be so kind as to recommend this collection to everyone you know who might enjoy hours (maybe days) of reading enjoyment and thrills?

And by the way, if you haven’t already done so, please enter our raffle to win an iPad Air ($599 value). You do NOT have to be a Twitter or Facebook user to enter the raffle! You can enter the drawing just by taking our easy quiz on The Twelve, or by signing up for The Twelve’s mailing list. If you DO use Twitter or Facebook, there are even more ways to play! To enter the raffle, CLICK HERE.


iPad Air

I’d love to know your thoughts on DEADLY DOZEN!  Your feedback will help us shape our decisions for our next big project.

DEADLY DOZEN can be found following the links below:


Barnes & Noble:

Joshua Graham is a USA Today bestselling author, Winner of the International Book Award and Forward National Literature Award. His thrillers include DARKROOM and BEYOND JUSTICE, and TERMINUS. Graham's works have been characterized as thought-provoking page-turners.

Legal Notice: All information on this website and blog are from Mr. Graham's personal experience and insight and should not be viewed in any way, directly or inferred, as qualified professional advice.
  • Robin W.

    Deadly Dozen sounds wonderful, would keep me busy for some time

    • joshuagraham

      Hope you enjoy it, thanks!

  • Bogdobbler

    I predict the Deadly Dozen are going to kill.

    • joshuagraham

      Thanks! We’re hoping to hit the New York Times bestseller list next! 🙂

  • junemanning

    I love collections like this to try new to me authors, and read others by authors I already love. Congrats on the success 🙂

    • joshuagraham

      Thanks June! We hope to report more good news, and bring you more great reads!

  • Kai W.

    I love this set of books. I hope that there will be another Deadly Dozen set soon.

    • joshuagraham

      We would love to get your feedback on it. Please use the contact menu above to let us know your thoughts on Deadly Dozen, it will help shape our next project!

  • tannawings

    I just downloaded this and am looking forward to reading it!
    ellen beck

  • joshuagraham

    Thanks, Ellen! Be sure to let us know what you think using the contact menu above.

  • Scott Wilson

    Great Contest

  • Jay Reiniger

    Beautiful contest….nice job

  • I love this concept! I am so glad authors are bundling their books together, because I get to find awesome new authors like you to read!

  • Lisa Brown

    Great set of books for a fantastic price

  • tmurrell

    Congrats on the best seller’s list. Way to go!

  • @auntygeek

    Congratulations on everything! Enjoying picking up all the buzz.

  • Danielle

    Great to hear about your good experience working with everyone else and congrats on your success!

  • Melissa

    What a fun way to engage readers! And of course, I hope I win

  • Carol M

    This is such a great way to find and enjoy new authors. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Jean Brinkley

    Congratulations on a successful launch. It really is a great way to introduce your work to new readers, like me. The chance to win an iPad is just gravy!

  • Mel

    WTG! This is a great collectin!

  • This was such a great idea! Looking forward to reading all 12 novels 🙂

  • JustMyOwnPersonalOpinion

    Can’t wait to get started reading!

  • Victoria

    Congratulations to you all, this really is amazing!

  • Adaffern

    What a great deal.

  • Congrats on all the awesome numbers!!

  • Virginia

    Congrats this is awesome news. So glad you are doing so well.

  • Jody Faltys

    This is a great concept with a great collection of authors! I look forward to reading this!

  • Tina Myers

    Congrats! Great looking books..

  • Barrie

    So glad the book set is doing well but honestly, I’m not surprised! Great authors write great books!

  • Kathy C

    I love being able to discover new authors along with old friends! Thanks so much!

  • donnasquaw

    First Congrats for the USA Today bestsellers list! I haven’t read the Deadly Dozen but I’m going to. Thanks to all the authors for making such a great idea at a low price!
    Donna Harris

  • Andrew

    This sounds like a great deal and it has clearly introduced many more
    readers to the works of everyone involved with this. Thanks for doing

  • Jo @ Mixed Book Bag

    Thanks for the great book and the great collection.

  • Becky Coward Turner

    I’ve got my copy & can’t wait to start reading it. Wonderful concept that allows me to read some works from new to me authors. Good luck on the contest all 🙂

  • Geraldine Pierson

    Thank you for the giveaway and a chance to win. I cannot wait to read the books.

  • Geraldine Pierson

    Thank you for the giveaway and a chance to win.

  • Lynette

    So far I am loving the “DIRTY DOZEN”

  • Rita Wray

    Sounds like a great collection.

  • YvonneJ

    Another dozen reasons to enjoy my Kobo eReader.

  • Maria A. Malaveci

    More books to add to my to read list! They sound great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Angel Martin

    What a great collection!! Looking forward to reading these

  • Terry King

    I am so excited for these books! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Tamera McIntosh

    I got my set yesterday for my birthday!! can not wait to start reading them!! Thank you!!

  • Svetlana Lukashevych

    Thanks for great books 🙂

  • JoAnn

    Congratulations and Best Wishes for continued success to you all!
    Thanks so much for this great collection, especially since mystery/thriller/suspense is my favorite genre!
    Unbelievable deal! I couldn’t believe the price was only $0.99! I had to swipe my husband’s reading glasses to make sure I was
    reading the price correctly! 🙂

  • Bobbi Kinion

    This set gives me the chance to discover authors that are new to me.

  • Susan Faatz


  • Laurel Johnson

    Awesome set! I bought on Day 1 and love these books!! Great giveaway! Thank you!

  • Linda S Moore

    Great set and I also bought it the first day. Congratulations on the bestseller’s list and thanks for this awesome giveaway. Good luck everyone. It sure would be great to win the iPad Air too. 🙂

  • ceblain

    Ordered this set of books today; can’t wait to read all 12 of the books one after the other, but whom do I begin with??? What a great idea to combine the talents of all of you into one grand boxed set. I am spreading the word about this believe me. Thanks for this great chance to win your giveaway as well. Continued success to all of you.

  • Elkhalil Kacem

    Thanks for the great set of books.

  • I look forward to reading these books!

  • Leslie Rodriguez

    Sounds like some amazing books for an amazing price. Thank you.

  • Wanda Craighead

    Congratulations on your success. I have my copy.


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